IRI 2014 – Non competitive cycle.
On surface 2014 – Cycle of architecture issues.
Encontros de cinema de Viana 2015 – awarded with the Primeiro Olhar Cineclubes.
Mifec 2015 – Student film festival
Curtas 2015 – International film festival of Vila do Conde – Take One Competition
Avanca 2015 – International film festival – National Panorama (non- competitive program)
Farcume 2015- International film festival – National competition
Meetings of Young European Cinema 2015 – Portuguese panorama
Architecture film festival Lisbon 2015 – National competition
Festival international Signes de Nuit – 2015 – International competition
Caminhos – Portuguese cinema film festival 2015 – Students competition
Ozarkshorts 2016  – Screening
True Doc 2016 – International competition (September 2017)


 Nowadays, we are facing a social and economic crisis with similar contours to the depression of the late 1920´s that preceded World War II. Considering that for Walter Benjamin ruins has allegorical value, it’s intended to start from the ruins and their memories to establish an analogy between past and present, questioning that way if we can be in a similar direction. Registering images and retrieving sounds that may have been characteristic of the ruins of Oporto and of Berlin, we try through a documentary give rise to a reflection where you question this possible relationship. For the establishment of this hypothesis we intend to develop two characters who narrate the different parts of the movie, one will feature a story in the period between wars and during the conflict of the second world war, the other speaks of his experience as a homeless person in the present and reflect on the current crisis.

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